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Medical Devices
Life sciences companies selling medical devices are heavily regulated and must adhere to certain practices and follow a strict code of conduct to avoid permanent damages and threat to their existence. As according to STAT, medical devices have been reported to cause more than 80,000 deaths since 2008. In order to protect patients and diminish deaths caused by medical devices, regulatory bodies such as FDA and ISO have introduced strict compliance guidelines for companies manufacturing and selling these devices. By focusing on a quality-driven mindset and addressing problems from conception till completion, companies can not only make sure their product is deemed fit for use by the authorities, but can also avoid disastrous possible outcomes for their company’s name and reputation. Being one of Best Medical Device Consulting Firms in NJ, our professional and experienced team can assist you with issues such as compliance, warning letters, staff training, risk management, CAPA cited complaints (documentation, data analysis break down and investigations), customer complaints and data integrity

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