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The Pharmaceutical industry is dominated and challenged by its constant evolutionary environment and latest breakthroughs in drug related technologies. It is often strongly characterized by unpredictable changes in regulatory action and compliance policies. Life Sciences and Technology Consulting brings you feasible and fully integrated solutions provided by its well-equipped team with knowledge and experience of FDA authorities. Read More
The bio pharmaceutical industry is a maturing industry with immense potential of becoming the core of the pharmaceutical industry. However, for that, it is important to drive significant transformation in the laboratory and in strategy, technology, and operations of this industry. Owing to the increasing patient population and subsequently rising needs for healthcare, the industry must keep up with increasing generic competition and greater regulatory expectations in order to be successful. Read More
Over the Counter
Every year, there is a huge number of over-the-counter (OTC) drugs being marketed in the United States. Therefore, FDA imposes strict regulation criteria on those conducting OTC drug businesses. Companies involved in OTC drug manufacturing, preparation, and processing are strictly required to follow certain protocols and compliance requirements set by FDA. Life Sciences and Technology Consulting can help these companies meet the set requirements and achieve supreme standards of safety and quality. Read More
Medical Devices
Life sciences companies selling medical devices are heavily regulated and must adhere to certain practices and follow a strict code of conduct to avoid permanent damages and threat to their existence. As according to STAT, medical devices have been reported to cause more than 80,000 deaths since 2008. In order to protect patients and diminish deaths caused by medical devices, regulatory bodies such as FDA and ISO have introduced strict compliance guidelines for companies manufacturing and selling these devices. Read More
Clinical Research

Building a compliance focused culture is imperative to overall success of health care facilities. Being well-acquainted with industry advancements and new regulatory developments is crucial to ensuring safer more quality practices, exemplary patient care, long term business profitability and safety against financial penalties and retribution.

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